Tuesday, May 28, 2013

SKINN Giveaway

Hey Guys and Dolls,

     Today I have an unexpected review. Last week I was informed that I was the winner of the Skinn Cosmetics Giveaway from Beauty Army. I was so excited. And then today this came in my mail.
It was really a no string attached giveaway. I didn't pay shipping or anything! But before we begin I just want to say that I wasn't paid to do this, I just want to, and that I won the contest fair and square.

Luxe Premier Eyeshadows

      Eyeshadow is one of my favorite products, so I was very happy to get this! This is the color "Seduction." The box says:
Twelve pure luxury full-treatment eyeshadows
that deliver rich anti-aging actives, anti-oxidants
and collagen-boosting peptides to the eyelids.
     It also says that the eye shadows are Talc-free so they wont crease. I don't really normally have a problem with my eyeshadow creasing, so I don't know if that is true, but I do really love the eyeshadows! They are a little on the shear side but completely buildable, I also found that they blended really well. Retail price for this is $32.

Collagenesis - 24 Hour Youth Preservation Cream

      I haven't had the opportunity to use this product enough to see if it does what it claims but I can say that it is very moisturizing! It's a very thick cream which is surprising because it is so light, but it soaks into the skin really well and I do like it. It smells good too, sort of sweet, but I'm not that great with scents so I can't place it. The box says:
This exceptional 24 hour cream represents the anti-aging breakthough 
technology of 17 countries.  Now fortified with HGH-mimicking plant derived peptides, 
Collagenesis continues to be the most advanced anti-aging formula to date. Used AM and PM, 
skin will look vibrant and breathtakingly radiant. Its youthful formula returns skin that 
is cushiony soft and velvety to the touch, tone that is astonishingly even, and texture that is dramatically refined and incredibly firmed.
     This retails for $48.50 and I will most likely buy it again when I run out! 

DermAppeal - Thermo-Enzymatic Microdermabrasion Treatment

    This stuff smells like mint chocolate chip ice cream, I love it. I've tried quite a few of these microdermabrasion treatments including the oil of olay one and the ever popular lemon and sugar scrub, and this is by far my favorite. My skin didn't feel dry after using this and the little grains inside were evenly spread out throughout the formula. Let see what the Box had to say:
This amazing, aluminum oxide free resurfacing and revitalizing treatment utilizes
 a naturally occurring mineral from the Dead Sea to give you all the benefits of a 
professional microdermabrasion treatment - at home. Use once or twice a week for a 
 softer, smoother, less lined, no pore look. 
     The retail price is $35 on this one. But finances allowing I'm gonna buy it again.

Olive and Enzyme Cleanser

Rich Balm Make-up remover and Deep Cleansing Mask - PM

      Don't be mad! I haven't tried this out yet. All I can say is that it smells amazing. I was confused at first as to how this could be a make-up remover and a mask but according to the directions to  us it as a mask you just leave it on a few minutes before removing. This retails for $24 and I promise to update this as soon as I use it!

Hand Restore

Redensifying and Whitening Water Resistant, Anti-Aging  Hand Cream

     This was something I was really happy to receive and I have used it, but I don't feel I've really used it enough to give a good review. One thing that I do want to point out is that the retail price is $32.50 and this bottle is only 2oz. Its pretty small for that price and it does take a lot of the product for my hands to feel as though they have been moisturized. It even says on the bottle "Apply Liberally" so I'm not 100% sold that I would pay 32 bucks for it.

Smudge Stick

     Love Love Love Love this product!!!! It says its for eyes and lips but the color they sent me is Cleopatra Black (Also love the name!!) so I really don't think I will use it on my lips but I LOVE it for my eyes, Its so creamy and it says on pretty well. I will buy this again and its only $15!! I've bought less amazing eyeliner for more!


Ultra Shine Lip Color SPF 8

     I don't know if this product is still available because I couldn't find it on the Skinn website, but I really really love it!! The color is kinda shear but it smells amazing and it made my lips feel so moist, more moist then some chapsticks I have. This color is Cherry and I like the color, but not really on me. It might look better on someone with a darker skin tone. However, if I could find it in another more pinkish color I would repurchase it. 
Retail Price ~$15

Bright Eyes

Eye Enhancing Treatment with Pro-Collagen

     I think this is supposed to be a concealer, but for me it doesn't really work. I can't find a shade on here and there are no options on the website to chose a shade. I could totally be using this wrong so I'm gonna research this a little more before completing my review. Sorry!!!
     Retail Price:$12

Final Thoughts

      The total price of my winnings is $214. I am so happy and grateful to Beauty Army and Skinn cosmetics for giving me all this great stuff. 

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Ipsy May 2013

Hey Guys and Dolls!

     I got my Ipsy bag today! I'm so so excited about this one! Ipsy is another beauty subscription that's $10 a month and so far I'm loving it. This month I feel was a little new for Ipsy because there were 15 possible products that you could receive, and I think in the past all the bags have been about the same. Let's jump right into the details!

The Bag

 This is the package that will come in the mail box. It's a super cute bright pink bubble shipper and I absolutely adore it.

Spring Fling

This is basically a little post card that tells you all the partners for the month and the discounts they are offering for Ipsy Subscribers.

NUME Gift Card

This is a gift card that came with my bag to numeproducts.com. They sell flat irons, hair dryers, curling irons, and extensions. They gift card is for an amazing $110!!! Plus it includes a free thermal pouch. I cannot wait to use this.

PACIFICA Island Vanilla Perfume Roll-On

This is a full size product that sells for $12. This product is %100 vegan and cruelty free, and a portion of proceeds supports clean water, so yay for that. Over all I really like this product. I really wanted it in my bag and I'm really happy that I got it. The smell is very light, almost not there, which is perfect for me because I am very sensitive to smells. And it smells really good. The package says:

"Tahitian vanilla, loved for its fruity and slightly floral aroma, 
is anchored with rich Bourbon vanilla notes. "

Anyways, I really really love it and will probably repurchase it when it runs out. If you want to get it you can here:http://www.pacificaperfume.com/roll-perfume/island-vanilla-perfume-roll 

ZOYA Nail Polish in "Gie Gie" 

First let me say that I am so happy I got the pink one. There were 6 possible colors and I really wanted the pink one so yay! Second this is a full size bottle and it retails for $8. As a review I really really like the color and it goes down hill from there. The color is very very shear so the color you see on my nails took three coats. And it doesn't dry fast which is crappy when you have to apply multiple coats. And even with three coats you can hardly tell its on in some light. I'm really torn on if I would repurchase this, but I am leaning towards no, most because I don't think I'll ever finish this bottle. But if you want it click here: http://www.zoya.com/content/38/item/Zoya/Zoya-Nail-Polish-GeiGei-ZP651.html

MIRABELLA Lipstick in "Daydream"

This is a beautiful shear lipstick in the color Daydream. This is a full size and retails for $22. I really like this lipstick, I feel like it doesnt fade very fast and because it is shear it looks very natural and beautiful.It has a mango butter base so I felt that it really mosturized my lips and bottom line is I would buy it again. Get yours! http://www.mirabellabeauty.com/lips/colour-sheers.html

Yaby Concealer

This next product is a concealer from Yaby. The color here is "Buff" which matches my skin tone perfectly! This is a refill size which retails for $4.85. I really liked this concealer but for me its too oily. I already have oily skin so this made my skin really shinny, however it was easy to fix with a little powder and foundation. I would most likely buy this again.

ANASTASIA Clear Brow Gel

I really want to start off by saying I have never used a Brow Gel, nor do I really need one. The full size one of this retails for $22. The one I have here is not a full size, but a deluxe sample. As far as i can tell never having used anything like this, it did the job. It seemed to take a long time to dry though so that was a little annoying. I wouldn't repurchase this only because I don't need it. If you want it you can get it here: http://www.anastasia.net/clear-brow-gel.html

Bottom Line

I paid $10 including shipping for my bag. Total value of the bag $57.85 with out the gift card. With the gift card it an amazing $167.85. Did I get my moneys worth, I would say yes. So go subscribe to Ipsy!



Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Beauty Army May 2013

Beauty Army Box - May 2013

Hey guys and dolls!

     Last week I received my first Beauty Army box in the mail! I was so exited to open it. I'm sorry I didn't get this out sooner but I wanted to try out some of the products before telling you all about them. First let me tell you exactly what Beauty Army is just in case you don't know. Beauty Army is a monthly subscription service that is $12 a month and includes shipping. This is a really unique service because you can actually pick out the products they send you each month which I don't think you can do with any other beauty subscription services.

The Box

The box it comes in is actually a really nice box and can be reused.
 I know its hard to read the card here so here is what it says:
Hello Gorgeous
In honor of Women's Health Month, we're sharing our 3 favorite health tips. Abide by these to live a happier, longer, and healthier life:
1. Laugh
Not only eases stress but promotes social bonding and boosts your immune system.
2. Don't Skip Breakfast
Fiber in the morning means you're less likely to make bad food decisions later in the day.
3. Seven Hours of Sleep
Helps you live longer, sharpens your memory and reduces food cravings.
These are all the products I received.

New York Streets Dry Shampoo

This is a full size item that retails for $17.00. I actually tried this out and I loved it! When this runs out I will buy more for sure. It really soaked up a lot of the excess oil out of my hair after not washing for 2 days. It also gave my hair a really nice texture. My only complaint is that when you spray it the smell is a little strong but the smell does not stay in your hair so its a really great product.
You can purchase it here:  http://www.newyork-streets.com/dry-shampoo.php

iTRAIN Gift Card

This is a $25 gift card to iTRAIN. This is a website that actually has downloadable work outs from celebrity trainers. I haven't used this yet but I'm really excited too. If you wanna check it out here is the website: http://www.itrain.com/

Nailuv Gel Polish

 I was originally really excited to receive this product. The full size retails for $14.95 and the one they sent me is 1/2 of a full size. You cant tell because the bottle is black but its a really, really pretty pink color. However, I can't use it.
I had no idea that nail polishes had to be used with a lamp. It says on the box: Recommended for professional application in salon. Gel polish requires curing with uv/led lamp. So if anyone knows how I can apply this at home let me know in the comments. In case you want it you can buy it here:http://www.nailuvpolish.com/shop/berry-sweetie-gel-nail-polish/

Mark. Scanda-lash mascara 

The item I received is full size. In my opinion its rather small to be a full size item at 0.12OZ. But it retails for $6.50. Now for me this is not a mascara that I would wear. It doesn't give me the volume and length that I want, that being said, if you are someone who wants a more wearable everyday mascara then I really did like the formula and the brush was great too. You can get yours here: http://shop.meetmark.com/product.aspx?pf_id=31417

COTZ Face spf 40

This is a tinted sunscreen. Full size retails for $19.99, mine is not full size. I did have a chance to try this. I liked it for the most part, it blends translucent and is nice to wear under your make-up. However, I really don't think I would repurchase it because I felt it dried my face out. I have naturally oily skin so for anything to dry my face out is unusual. But you can pink some up here if you wanna try it. :http://www.ulta.com/ulta/browse/productDetail.jsp?productId=xlsImpprod4190153

GG Gatsby Ooh La La Volume Conditioner

I haven't had a chance to use this yet but I will update this when I do. The full size of this retails for $9.99 and you can get it here: http://www.gggatsby.com/raise-volume-conditioner.html If anyone has used this and like it let me know in the comments!!!

Final Thoughts

So I paid 12 dollars for the box. Retail price is $61.50!! If that's not a good deal I really don't know what is. Also an FYI I calculated the prices based on what was in my box, not the price of a full size product when I didn't get a full size. So the total retail price of the amount of product I received is $61.50. If you want to get a Beauty Army Box you can get yours here: https://beautyarmy.com/

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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Battle of the Beauty Boxes

Hey everyone!
     Recently i've discovered the most amazing thing, Beauty boxes! I know what everyone is thinking -  "those have been around for ages!"  - I know. But I recently ran across them on youtube from Kandee Johnson, who is one of my favorite youtube beauty pros. She is supporting a beauty subscription service called Ipsy. Upon further research I discovered that this company was founded by my other favorite youtube beauty pro, Michelle Phan! So I'm so excited about this I signed up right away.
     Ipsy sends out 4 -5 deluxe samples each month, though I have heard that you can usually find 1-2 full size products in them. And the best part, its only $10! I'm so excited to get my new bag. But this got me thinking, are there other services out there like this?? YES!!!
    My second subscription is to Beauty Army, this company is a little different because they allow you to pick the samples that you get each month. Is $12 and you can pick 6 samples. Now for my first box I am getting a $25 gift card to a place that does Zumba! Ill keep the rest of the stuff I picked out a secret because I'm going to do an unboxing Vlog when I get it.
     My third subscription is to GlossyBox! This box is a little pricey at $21 a month, however I was able to find a coupon to get mine for only $16. I've heard nothing but great reviews about this box and I'm so super excited to get it.
     My final subscription is to Sample Society. I really don't know much about this company except that everyone was recommending it so I figured I would try it out. This on is $15 a month. Now I don't plan to keep all of these, I figured I would try them out for a few months and keep my two favorites. There are a lot of other boxes out there that are similar, some - most - more expensive, but I really can't see spending $25 - $30 on a sample box.
     I've also considered signing up for Birchbox. But I've heard really mixed to negative reviews about them so I think I might hold off. If you would or wouldn't recommend them please leave in the comments why!
     Now I will do reviews and unboxing vids for all these when I receive them, and I'm gonna leave a bunch of links below for everyone to go check them out!
     Thanks for reading!!

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Thursday, May 2, 2013

eSalon Review

This is a very long review, and considering that I am still doing business with eSalon it will only continue to grow. So in case not everyone wants to read the whole thing, I want to point out right now that eSalon is a fantastic company and it is a pleasure to continue to work with them. I highly recommend using them.

eSalon Review

     Hi everyone! Today I will be doing a review on eSalon.com. Esalon is a company that custom formulates hair color for much less than the price of going to a traditional salon. Though the price is a little higher then just going to Walgreens and buying boxed color. One application currently runs $19.99. However, eSalon pushes that one box isn't for everyone. Those of you that have gone to a salon vs doing your own hair from a box will agree. The color from a box almost never turns out the color that you want. Esalon also has a guarantee that you will love your color or they will refund your money or reformulate your color for free.

     I first came across eSalon from an article entitled "eSalon, putting colorists out of business."  Being the type of  girl to color my hair every few months I was intrigued so I read some reviews myself. After looking over others comments and thoughts, eSalon seemed to get a generally positive reviews, so I decided to try it out.

Ordering Process

      When you first log on to the website it will ask you a series of questions about your hair - from the texture and length to the last time you colored. Be prepared to have to match your natural hair color to a list of swatches and your current color. At the end it allows you to pick the color that you want to color your hair. However, it will not allow you to pick anything lighter then 2 shades from your current color. I picked out what they called "darkest brown." At the end, the site allows you to submit photos of your current hair so that that colorists can better match a color for you. I submitted two photos: one of what my hair currently looks like, and another from my wedding of the color I wanted my hair to be.  


Here, the one on the left is my current color and the one on the right is the color I wanted.
     When you are ordering, it gives you options to add a color enhancing shampoo to keep your color looking beautiful in months after you color for $9.95 and to add a coloring kit which includes a color bowl, a timer, a brush and four clips for another $9.95. I opted to add both of these to my order and I placed my order on Monday, April 22. I also wanted to point out that they charge $4.95 for shipping. You can also pay $1.99 to have your color formulated faster so that they can ship it faster.
     On Thursday, April 25 I received the following email from eSalon:

esalonDanielle (eSalon Support)
Dear Myra,
Thank you for placing your eSalon order!
We’ve reviewed your photo and wanted to email you about your hair color selection. According to your order, your desired hair color is at least two shades darker than your current overall hair color we see in your photo.
Do you have a photo of what your hair currently looks like?
Feel free to contact us by replying to this email or by calling 1 866 550 2424, Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., Pacific Time.
We look forward to hearing from you.
The eSalon Team 
      I got this email about 30 seconds after they had closed for the day and I was confused since I had submitted a photo of my current hair. I called them the next morning as soon as they opened. The first woman I spoke to was very nice and put me through to my colorist Danielle. She wasn't unpleasant, but it seemed like she was in a hurry. I told her that I did submit a photo and after looking again she claimed that she just "didn't see it" which was fine, and she promised to send my color out that day. Now, when they send your color out it will ship USPS and when it is shipped they will email you the tracking number. I didn't get an email that whole day so the next morning I called back and they said that it will ship out that day which it did. So in total it took then 5 days to ship my color after I ordered.  

Receiving  my Color

     My package arrived on Thursday, May 2. 
The box before I opened it
Opening it with my name right on the front made me feel so special!
All the color bottles also had my name on them

The timer included a battery! 
The shampoo that I also ordered.

I know its hard to read, sorry! It also included: two pairs of gloves, stain remover, stain guard, after color shampoo and conditioner.

So I followed the instructions and this is the result. 

Does that look anything like the color I wanted? No. No it doesn't. I see 5 different colors in this picture! As of now I have called eSalon and I am waiting to hear back. I am so disappointed in  my color. I really hope they will send me a new color or give me the promised refund, as I might have to go to an actual salon to fix this. I will update everyone once I hear back.


     My colorist called me back really fast after I left her a message! She was very sorry that my color didn't work out and she is sending me out a new color tomorrow. It should have a neutralizer to cancel the red. So hopefully it will work out this time! I will update again after I apply the new color.

Update May7, 2013. 

     Yesterday, May 6 I received my new color from esalon. I was worried because the site wouldn't show me exactly what color had been sent out. Turns out, they sent me the soft black color. I did NOT  want my hair black, so naturally I was a bit nervous when applying the color. I followed the directions to the "t" and I'm still not happy with the results. 

My hair is still a bunch of different colors, its not pretty. Luckily,the color they sent me was a demi color, so it will wash out eventually and I can recolor. This last round of color seemed to really damage my hair. It also seemed the I lost more hair during the color process then usual. 

Another Update 

So! eSalon refunded my full purchase. I did not ask them to but they did. So I received two full color kits and in the end got a full refund. Pretty happy with that. I would have been happier mind you if my color turned out right but this is an okay solution in my book. 

Update May 26, 2014

Hi everyone! I know it's been awhile since I used eSalon, but they recently sent me a package with some of their new products to test out! I am so happy try out some of their new items. They did send me these products free of charge but I promise my review is still my own opinions and have not been influenced by eSalon in any way. 

This the box as I opened it. I did remove one thing because I wanted to save it for the end so I could surprise everyone! Anyways, the box and packaging is really cute, and the products are packaged really well.

The bags removed from the box. 

The first bag. 

This is eSalon's new Shampoo and Conditioner. Each bottle is 8.5 oz. I love that they are different colors because it will be harder to mix them up when in the shower. Just looking at them the packaging is really cute, and I love the pump nozzle. I also like that the top of the pump is large, and flat, it will make it easy to use when your hands are wet. 
I currently was using Redkin Diamond Oil shampoo and conditioner, so I will be comparing eSalon to them. 
Retail on these is $12.45 each.

After using this shampoo I have to say I really do like it, my hair felt very clean after using it. It lathered very well. A huge plus for me is that it smells really good too! I liked the consistency, it seemed like I didn't have to use as much as my regular shampoo. 
Verdict: I would purchase this in the future.

 The conditioner smells really good, and it seemed to work really well. It has the right mixture between being a moisturizer, without making my hair completely flat. However, it took a lot of this to coat my hair, and this bottle isn't that big, so I wish that they would sell it in a larger size.
Verdict: I love this conditioner, and if they sold it in a larger size I would buy it, or maybe I would just buy two bottles. 

Bag number two!

All the goodies from the bag!

I have to admit, when I saw these I was super excited! I LOVE these hair clips. I had two packages (8 clips) from when I colored my hair with eSalon and I use them all the time! These a really great clips, after a year of use at least 2-3 times a week, only one broke. I am so happy they sent me more. 

I will be the first to admit that I have yet to find a leave in conditioner that I like, so I am super excited to try this! I have only used it once, and so far I love it. It didn't take a lot to get through my hair and it doesn't leave a film on my hair or on my hands. My hair is about down to the middle of my back, and it only took a nickle size to cover it all. I want to use this a couple more times before determining if this is the elusive perfect leave in conditioner, but I will keep you all updated. Again, this smells really nice.

I love this product! It really seems  to be  helping my hair and keeping it looking perfect!
Retail on this is $12.45

This is a product that I want to use a lot more before I can really say if I like it. So far I used it once, and I don't think I used quite enough for my hair length. It has a similar consistency to Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum, but it's nicer because it doesn't make your hands feel oily. It smells really pretty, but I want to use it more, before saying that it does work! I will update though, so make sure to check back!

After using this for about a month I think I really like it! It helps tame flyaways and it also seems to be helping prevent split ends and breaking.  
Retail for this item is $16.25

For about the next month I will replace my usual hair routine with all of these products, so that I can really see how they affect my hair after several washes. 

Now! For the best thing in the box, that I left out.
I'm going to Los Angeles!!!! eSalon has invited me out to have my hair colored at their headquarters and to see how the company works! I'm so excited. That being said, I will update this again after I get back so that all my followers will know how it went. I am going sometime at the end of June or beginning of July! If you girls and guys have any questions you want to know about eSalon post in the comments below and I will try to ask them when I go!

All the items they sent me can be purchased here:

Update July 1, 2014

     I got back a couple days ago from Los Angeles! I really loved visiting eSalon and meeting some of their staff. When I first arrived at their headquarters I was so surprised that it was so small. The entire company is contained within one building. Its really awesome though, that way if, for instance, a colorist wants to collaborate with another colorist she can do so easily. Or if she want to check if a clients order is about to ship she can walk right on over to where they put together your color to see when it will be shipped! Even their IT support is right in the same building. I got to see exactly what happens to an order, start to finish, and let me say the whole process really is amazing. I don't want to give to much away, but they are able to process orders very efficiently and with out ANY possibility that a client will end up with someone else's color. 
     After my tour with Courtney, we met up with Estelle Baumhauer, and went to lunch. Which was amazing since I was starving after my 5 hour plane ride. Over lunch I got to ask them some really fun, interesting questions. For instance, their most common color request is medium brown. More interesting  facts: eSalon was founded by men. The client that uses their services the most, is also a man! Who would have guessed!
     After we returned from lunch it was time to do my color again. The photo below is the most recent photo before my color application. 

About 3 months before visiting eSalon I had colored my hair a blue/black. It did not turn out great and left my hair in very bad condition. I told Estelle that I wanted to still try for the color that I had originally tried for with my original eSalon order. 
This is a dark brown with slight gold undertones. I actually brought her one of the clip extensions that I am wearing in this photo so that the color would be as close as possible to the one I wanted. She colored my hair and the following photos are the result. 

It's not 100% the color I wanted, but it is about 98% so I'm really happy! Estelle said that we can work on getting it to 100% in my following color applications! Also, the way she styled my hair after is just stunning!  I will have to work on doing it like this myself.
All in all the eSalon trip was a great success and I really look forward to working with the company in the future.